Cherry Lime Ice – Recipe

Ices are fantastic when it’s hot out. A delicious way to beat the heat, they are fast, easy, and inexpensive to make at home. From a preparation standpoint, “Ice” includes anything made by adding flavored liquid to prepared ice; from shaved ices (light fluffy ice) to snow cones (coarser ice), and all the variants between.

The texture of the ice depends completely on the tool or machine used to make it, so, if you’re new to making Ices the first step will be to find a tool that makes ice the way you like it. These start at under $20, and you can find them at hawaiianshavedice.com, amazon.com, or whichever retailer you prefer. The Ice pictured above was made using an inexpensive manual snow cone maker made by Victorio.

Once you have your ice, add your flavoring and enjoy. Popular options include both store-bought and home-made syrups, juices, shrubs, and juice drinks, as well as mixed drinks. For a pleasing taste use less of a strong flavoring, like syrup, and more of a weak flavoring, like lemonade. At the wetter end of the spectrum you get slushes and finally drinks with finely crushed ice. For even more flavor options, freeze and process flavorings like juice instead of plain ice. Stardust, Solar Power, and Turmeric Tonic are good choices if you go this route.

Cherry Lime Ice Recipe

This recipe uses a medium-strength fresh syrup made from fresh cherry and lime juices, wildflower honey, and grated lime zest.

To make the syrup

  • Combine 1 part lemon juice and 1 part wildflower honey.
  • Mix until honey is dissolved completely.
  • Add 2 parts fresh cherry juice and mix until combined.
  • Add a small amount finely grated lime zest, to taste, and mix into the syrup. Alternatively, sprinkle the zest over the top of the Ice after adding syrup.

To make the ice

  • Prepare the ice and scoop it into your serving dish.
  • Add a medium amount of syrup so that the top of the Ice is covered but remains above the rim of the dish, and the bottom third of the dish is filled with flavoring. Adjust proportions to taste.
  • Garnish with fresh lime, fresh cherry, or lime zest.

To make cherry juice

  • Stem and then pit fresh cherries using a cherry pitter or by placing the cherry on top of a small mouthed bottle and pushing the pit through into the bottle using a chop stick.
  • Juice the pitted cherries using a food mill, or by by blending the pitted cherries with lemon juice and then straining the mixture through a fine mesh screen. If using this method reduce the amount of lemon juice in the syrup by the amount added to the blender.

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