Pineapple Grapefruit Juice Recipe

Pineapple Grapefruit Juice is a wonderful flavor combination. Growing up, we used to drink this made from frozen concentrate. It was always one of my favorites but, between you and me, it’s miles better made fresh.

Selecting Your Fruit


The best way to tell if a pineapple is ripe is by smell and by touch. You want one that smells sweet but not fermented. It should be firm but not hard or soft. Ripe pineapples can be from green to yellow brown in color depending on the variety and growing conditions. So, color is not a good indicator of ripeness. Pulling the leaves from the crown doesn’t tell you anything.

Pineapples will not ripen after being picked. The ripening process is based on the pant converting carbohydrate, stored in the stump, to sugar that is stored in the fruit. Once the fruit is cut, the supply of carbohydrate is removed and the fruit will not ripen further. It will ferment though, so for the best flavor, store your pineapple in the refrigerator.


Buy grapefruits that are firm and are heavy for their size. Heavier grapefruits yield more juice.


Makes about 550 mL (18.5 fl oz) of juice, but this can vary greatly depending on your juicer and the quality of the fruit you’re using. 


Three 1.25” x 6” spears of pineapple, skin on (600 g or 21 oz)
Two medium Ruby Red grapefruits (600 g or 21 oz)

Recipe Steps

  1. Wash all the fruit
  2. Half the grapefruit and juice it with a citrus juicer, or peel it and process together with the pineapple.
  3. Process the grapefruit in your juicer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Strain the juice using a sieve if you want to remove some or all of the pulp.
  5. Garnish with a wedge of pineapple, half a grapefruit wheel, or grapefruit zest.

In the video, To get more pineapple pulp in the finished drink, I strained the ground pineapple with a coarse sieve before pressing and added the strained mixture to the pressed juice before serving.


The dominant flavors, especially if your grapefruits are sweet to begin with are sweet and tart. If you would like to add an additional layer of flavor I recommend bitter. You can easily do this by string in a teaspoon of finely grated grapefruit zest, or by adding a couple drops of grapefruit seed extract or a dash of citrus dominant cocktail bitters.

Mix pineapple grapefruit juice with the sparkling water of your choice for a lighter drink that is lower in sugar and calories. 

Pour over finely crushed ice for a delicious slushy.


One 12 fl oz serving of pineapple grapefruit juice provides 180% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and a host of other essential Nutrients. Vitamin C is the most important water-soluble antioxidant for human health. Pineapple contains bromelain, which has been shown to aid digestion and make the nutrients in your food more bioavailable. Bromelain also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Grapefruit is full of antioxidants including Vitamin C, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, and Flavanones. The phytochemicals in grapefruit may reduce cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and help prevent diabetes. Consuming grapefruit is contraindicated for people taking certain medications, so make sure you’re not one of them before making this recipe. Find the full nutritional panel below.

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