Beauty Bar

Cool, hydrating, sweet-tart.

Ingredients: Cucumber, lemon, wildflower honey, mint, ginger.


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OOJOO’s Beauty Bar is a cucumber ginger-mint lemonade made with cucumber juice instead of water and sweetened with a spoonful of wildflower honey. The electrolytes in cucumber juice make this juice extra hydrating. Cucumber is also rich in bio-available vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote healthy, clear skin and overall good health. Ginger, mint, and lemon enhance the flavor of cucumber and give Beauty Bar a cool, bright, semisweet taste and a touch of spice. Drink two and be twice as beautiful.

  • All-natural, super-premium craft juice, cold-pressed from fresh, whole, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables.
  • Only 100 calories.
  • Formulated to optimize physical and mental performance.
  • No added sugar, color, or preservatives.
  • Minimally processed.
  • Vegan.
  • High pressure pasteurized to lock in fresh-pressed flavor and nutrients.
  • Crafted with love, pride, and dedication in the SF Bay Area.
  • Ships with five to eight weeks of remaining shelf life.
  • 98% juice.

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Beauty Bar Ingredients


Excellent source: vitamin K and molybdenum. Very good source: Pantothenic acid. Good



Excellent source: Vitamin C. Good source: Folate. Benefits: The nutrients in lemons